Past graduate and undergraduate students

Jessica Landry (BSc; 2012-2015). Sulfur isotopes in aerosols from Paris (France).

Frédérique Desmarais-Girard (BSc; 2012-2013). Constraining the carbon budget in the Loire River (France) using isotopes.

Moez Balhoul (PhD internship; 2014). Understanding the geochemical cycle and the sources of metals in the Sfax saltmarshes (Tunisia)

Victor Vinciguerra (MSc; 2013-2015). Sr isotope characterization of wines from the Québec province.

David Au Yang (PhD; 2014-2017). Sulfur multi-isotopic compositions of urban aerosols : new insight for sources and processes monitoring.

Monika Ciężka (PhD; 2014-2018). Assessing anthropogenic pressure in the Swietokrzyski National Park (Poland): A multi-isotope approach from bioindicators.

Pierre Taillardat (PhD; 2014-2018). Surface and Subsurface Biogeochemical Dynamics in a Highly Productive Mangrove of South East Asia.

Alice Morard (MSc; 2015-2018). Strontium (Sr) chemistry and isotope characteristics of the Loire River (France).

Romain Nigris (MSc; 2015-2018). Lead (Pb) chemistry and isotope characteristics of the Loire River (France).

Duminy Auriane (MSc internship; 2016). δ13C and δ15characterization of PM10 aerosols collected on Montreal island.

Valérie Hilango (MSc internship; 2016). Atmospheric deposition of pesticides in Montreal.

Laetitia Guibourdenche (MSc; 2016-2018). Strontium multi-isotope (87Sr/86Sr & 88Sr/86Sr) characterization of wines from the Québec terroir.

Ludovick Brown (MSc; 2016-2018). Heavy metals isotope systematics: An innovative method to understand the habitat use of an omnivore bird in the urban environment.

Williams Limon (PhD; 2016-2021). The behaviour of carbon stable isotopes in glyphosate and AMPA during degradation processes.

Parfait Séhé (MSc; 2017-2020). Study of the St Lawrence metal contamination downstream the Marcotte sewage station in Montreal.

Julie Arteau (MSc; 2017-2019). Historical reconstruction of atmospheric metallic depositions at Lake Duparquet (Québec) from the coupled study of metal concentrations and Pb isotopes in tree rings.

Marjorie Bagur (Msc; 2017-2019). Lead (Pb) and Osmium (Os) isotope of PM10 in the atmosphere of Montreal: history from 1968 to present.

Syed Asim Hussain (PhD; 2017-2020). The impact of climate change on the evolution of the saline lakes of the Soan-Sakaser Valley (Central Salt Range; Pakistan).

Karelle Trottier (MSc; 2019-2021). Impact of an abandoned mining pit on the local environment in Romania.

Fanny Pithon (MSc; 2019-2021). Assessing water quality in the Laurentides region (Québec)

Zeinebou Laraibi (MSc internship; 2019). Lead (Pb) environmental contamination: the examples of aerosols (Tarragona, Spain), bioindicators (Paris, France) and soils (Colombia).

Yasser Morera Gómez (PDF; 2019-2020). Carbonaceous fractions contents and carbon stable isotope compositions of aerosols collected in the atmosphere of Montreal (Canada): Seasonality, sources and implications.

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